Wheels On The Bus Toys

wheels on the bus toys

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29c bus badly distorted by fatigue.

29c bus badly distorted by fatigue.

I've just looked on Wikipedia, and what we've been calling lead contamination (leading to metal fatigue), is now known as "Zinc Pest". New terminology perhaps, but there really isn't any chance of saving a model from eventual disintegration if its present.

Some series of Pre war Dinky Toys seem to be worse affected than others e.g. some of the later 28 series vans are almost impossible to find in unfatigued condition, likewise the 29b Streamlined Bus and the similar Holland Coachcraft van.

Some of the 29c double deck buses are badly afflicted as seen here, some less so, though generally with at least some distortion to the baseplate. It's also possible to find some examples that are (apart from the wheels) completely unaffected by "Zinc Pest". See my other pics.

Lomo Bus - S80Lomo Bus

Lomo Bus - S80Lomo Bus

An old shot taken with my old S80. Converted to "Digital Lomo". Just trying out a new Photoshop work flow.
The wheels on the bus goes round and round......

wheels on the bus toys

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