18 wheels of steel haulin sound mods - Razor 3 wheel scooters.

18 Wheels Of Steel Haulin Sound Mods

18 wheels of steel haulin sound mods

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MOD Barbie

MOD  Barbie

I love MOD
Superstar era and MOD are my favorite...
I dont have many MOD girls because theyre not easy to find in good condition within my budget...
left to right:
Sweet 16 Barbie in a hand made outfit by me :P (I even made the fishnets from a free online pattern,very easy to make)
her boots were not made by me...
Live Action Barbie (my fave,shes precious in person) shes missing an arm fringe :(
and a Talking Barbie (mute) I made her belt and purse :D (She has ribbons in her hair now ,she kinda needed them :P)

Mod Assortment

Mod Assortment

1st collection of MOD memorabilia. All on parka. Starting at top: penny loafer, Hush Puppy, Clarks desert boot, Jam shoe. Singles: Merton Parkas, The Jam, Lambrettas, Secret Affair, The Who, Lon Boys mod retro-oldie, Purple Hearts. Patches, The Who/Quadrophenia, The Jam Brit Flag, The Who icon, target. The badges: too small to id now look later if you care to.

18 wheels of steel haulin sound mods

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