Clean Skateboard Wheels

clean skateboard wheels

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68-365 Alberts Adventures at the Skate Park

68-365 Alberts Adventures at the Skate Park

Lets skate!

It's been a while since Albert had been on any adventures, and so today decided it was time to get back out there! But what to do? He thought about sky diving, or rock climbing, but didn't have any equipment ready and raring to go.

So he started flicking through the extreme sports channel and came across skateboarding. Fantastic Albert thought. In his youth, Albert was one of those children who raced through busy towns on his skateboard causing all sorts of grief for pedestrians, so he was no novice when it came to the plank on wheels. However, he was no expert, and had not been on it in a number of years.

He ran to the loft and found his old board, covered in spider webs and what he hoped was dust. After a quick clean, it was back to normal, and Albert set off for the local skate park. When he got there, he went to the top of a ramp and stood on the board admiring the view. "Now how do I get this thing going" he thought to himself. He began to lean forward, and as he did so, he felt the board slipping. He tried to lean back to stop it, but it had gone too far. The board shot out from underneath him, and Albert went sliding down the ramp.

This happened a few times, until Albert was able to master it. But when he did, he was so excited, the adrenalin buzz that Albert was looking for was there! As he rocketed down the ramp, he felt 13 again, with the wind whistling past his head. It was soon dark, and Albert vowed to return soon to lean more tricks.

Local Decks

Local Decks

[part of our Local Skateboards brand we've been building in class]

As a contributing member of our group, I had to create 2 skateboard deck designs. I started out with a general Sharpie idea...with shapes that were partly inspired by the Local logo itself.

I live-traced it and adjusted the colors [of the one below], and had fun with some custom text, too.
The one below is a little fuzzy, just because I live-traced the thing a little too fast and didn't take time to clean it up much. Not thrilled with the colors... they look a little too vintage/vinyard-ish. :] Kinda wish I did a deep sky blue sort of combination.

I got so crazy with this design that I even mocked up a few Tshirts.

Just with the "Local" text didn't get covered by the wheel. Haha. Bad planning. If I have to ever design skateboards again, I'll remember that. :]

clean skateboard wheels

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